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Book Review: “Because You Care” by Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk


Cecil “Cec” Murphey and Twila Belk have worked together for a number of years.

Now, they have co-authored a book on an experience they also share—being caregivers of a seriously ill spouse.

In the book, “Because You Care – Spiritual Encouragement for Caregivers,”

Cec and Twila share a part of their personal journey

as Cec cares for his beloved wife, Shirley, and Twila cares for her beloved husband, Steve.

A short, beautifully illustrated book (only 48 pages) “Because You Care” is written with poignancy and candor. Both authors share from their heart as they write about living the life of a caregiver. A life that can be extremely rewarding, physically exhausting and emotionally draining.

At the end of the book are practical suggestions for caregivers. Interspersed between Cec’s and Twila’s stories are short writings from others who are caregivers to a close loved one.

“Because You Care” can also be a beneficial book for other members of the caregiver’s family. My sister is the caregiver for our parents and this book gave me even greater insight into her life and feelings, and more ways that I can help her in the coming days.

Cec and Twila have written a book with timeless advice, empathy and love. It is a book that every caregiver needs to own.

                                                                                                                                    Cecil Murphey

Cecil Murphey is an international speaker and bestselling author who has written more than 100 books, including New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper). Cecil has served as a pastor and hospital chaplain for many years, and through his ministry and books such as When Someone You Love Has Cancer, Words of Comfort for Times of Loss, and When Someone You Love No Longer Remembers, he has encouraged thousands.

                                                                                                                                               Twila Belk

Twila Belk, known as the Gotta Tell Somebody Gal, loves to talk! She is a popular speaker, writer, teacher, and Cecil Murphey’s manager and publicist. As director of the Quad-Cities Christian Writers’ Conference, she coaches other writers and speakers. She and her husband, Steve, have three children and live in Iowa.

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