Book Review: “Decision to Love” by Michelle Sutton

Michelle Sutton has more courage in her little finger than I have in my entire life. She focuses on controversial topics, and with the mercy and grace of God, writes candidly about the subject. In the series, Sacred Vows, the first book, Never Without Hope, addresses the topic of an extramarital affair. Their Separate Ways, the second book, is about the aftermath of the affair from the viewpoint of both married couples—one couple  is Christian, the other is not—and the most recent book to be released, Decision to Love, the subject of homosexuality is faced head-on.

In Decision to Love, major changes occur in the lives of the main characters who we met in Never Without Hope. Although Decision to Love can be read as a stand-alone book, I encourage you to read the first two books so you can follow the lives of the characters from the beginning of their story. Decision to Love picks up where Their Separate Ways ends and the book opens with an immediate “shocker.” The situations involving Hope and James, her husband, the man Hope committed adultery with—Tony and his wife Brenda, begin to find resolution in ways that most readers might not expect. Without giving away a major part of the story, I will say that homosexuality is introduced and we meet Tony’s long-lost daughter.

As mentioned in her interview (see Monday’s blog), Michelle created a website called Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers, http://edgychristianfictionlovers.ning.com/ and the phrase “Edgy Christian Fiction” quickly became the description for her books. Decision to Love is, by far, the edgiest of the three books. It is very suggestive and if you are easily offended by hints of sexual temptation and activity, you may not want to read it. However, this book is a very realistic slice of life and one that Christians and the church have, for the most part, ignored for far too long. Perhaps these books will begin to awaken the church to their responsibility to address these topics, not just from behind closed doors, but from the pulpit.

In all Christian Fiction books, including the edgy ones, it is expected that forgiveness, hope and redemption through Christ Jesus are the answers to whatever problem is presented within the book. Michelle does a masterful job as she makes it clear these three things are the answers to sin – any sin. These books should be read by couples whose marriage has been affected by adultery on either spouse’s part; by parents whose child has declared their homosexuality; and by counselors and pastors who want to have a deeper insight into what families go through in these situations. I know that these books have broadened my understanding of the effects on families when adultery and/or homosexuality invades their lives. I encourage the readers to read these books prayerfully, asking God to give you an open mind, eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to receive and compassion and wisdom for those whom the readers know who are involved in adultery or homosexuality.


OOPS! Leave it to me to forget the giveaway. Please leave a comment and your email address and your name will be entered into the drawing for a copy of Decision to Love!

9 thoughts on “Book Review: “Decision to Love” by Michelle Sutton”

  1. Great review! Michelle is a true example of writing about the real problems all people face…definitely Christians. She hears the Holy Spirit whisper in her ear as she writes such visual scenes. I’d recommend any of Michelle’s writings to anyone who wants to feel the emotion and be involved with the characters. I love this lady. She’s also given me the benefit of writing reviews from the Sr perspective on The Wordsmith Journal Magazine…and Decision to Love was the first review I wrote for that magazine. She deserves five stars for giving chances!

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