A Piece of Heaven by Joy McGee, Guest Blogger

I am delighted to host Joy McGee today. She has written a very moving tribute about my parents and my family. I am humbled and grateful that she was so blessed by God while visiting with my family yesterday.  Enjoy!

A piece of heaven

The clock struck three p.m. and out the door, I went; bag over my shoulder full of all things needed to cut hair. Two days ago, a dear friend of mine asked if I would come and cut her parents’ hair. Up in age, they are unable to get out of their home, and happily I accepted the opportunity to make a house call. I have met Mr. and Mrs. Evans on one other occasion under the same circumstance; however, since then they have had to move into their other daughter’s home (my friend’s sister) due to the decline of their health.

As I walked into this unfamiliar place, I was greeted with open arms full of hugs. They all knew me by name. How? I assume my friend had already told them of me but I couldn’t be sure. The way they said it, was as if it had been on their lips forever and within seconds, it felt like home. The walls busted at the seams with family members, all there to visit with the couple of sixty six years and to learn from the eyes that had seen much of this life. Did Mr. and Mrs. Evans know they were teaching as they sat in their seperate chairs there in the living room?; teaching of Christ’s love over each generation represented that gathered around them (three in all); teaching of commitment and loyalty. I doubt they did but I am certain that as laughter filled the air with stories and jokes floating through, the family learned. I cut hair with slow gentle hands and soaked the moments in…listening, smiling, witnessing. Jesus stroking the hearts of all. Love pouring out of every syllable spoken.

When my work was finished, fresh peaches and strawberries served over warm cream cheese bunt cake was brought to everyone in the room. I sat and ate, the sweet taste on my tongue, cacooned in the romance of my Abba through this wonderful family, listening to the rain. Such peace.

Departing was just as sweet, hugging the necks of all; each whispering words of thanks in my ear. Little did they know, the pleasure was all mine. I received such a blessing being in their midst, an outsider welcomed into this piece of heaven on earth. It will be a moment in time that will remain with me always.

1 thought on “A Piece of Heaven by Joy McGee, Guest Blogger”

  1. Wow! To experience such a thing is truly a blessing from God. I love to listen to my elders and learn what they have experienced through the years. Of course, the comment on the bundt cake made my stomach growl and a yearning in my heart for I remember my mom's bundt cakes. So happy you got to experience that blessing.

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