It’s January 15 – already. Where does the time go? By now, every blogger has posted their New Year’s resolutions and their goals for 2012. Some have probably even posted about how they’ve already broken at least one or all of their resolutions. That’s why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – I know in all probability, sooner or later, I will break the resolution.

Instead of making resolutions, I pray and ask God to give me a “word” for the upcoming year. I first heard of this practice a few years ago and thought it sounded like a good idea. So I’d pray, ask God for a word for the next year and go on my merry way, never really thinking about the word and how it could apply to my life at that time.(Just being honest here, gang.) Until this year.

What makes this year different?

Christmas morning, my husband, Dave, wished me a Merry Christmas and then he said, “Not only is today the celebration of the birth of Christ, but it is also a day of rebirth for us.” Rebirth.

Most of you know that 2011 wasn’t the best year of Dave’s life because he was sick from the latter part of 2010, all of 2011 and some problems have continued into 2012.  Over the next few days, as I thought about what Dave said, I realized that was God’s word for me–for Dave and me–for 2012. And I found it significant that God gave the word to Dave. (More about that in another blog.)

Rebirth. Renaissance. Regeneration. Renewal. Revival. Resurrection. New Start. New Beginning. Resurgence.

2012: The Year of Rebirth. I like that.

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