reason for season, shopping

It is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The busiest shopping day of the year, as Christmas shopping “officially” begins. I guess it’s still recognized as the official beginning of Christmas shopping. Every year Christmas decorations appear in the stores earlier than the previous year. I saw my first Christmas ad on TV the week BEFORE Halloween. Next year, merchants will start advertising in September, immediately after Labor Day, and before we know it, we will see Christmas decorations in the stores year-round. Hmmm . . . maybe I’m onto something here . . .

Not that I want to see Christmas decorations and gifts in the stores year-round. This sacred holiday has been stripped of its true meaning far too long as it is.

No, I’m talking about honoring the reason and spirit of the season all year long. Begin with the attitude of gratitude you committed to earlier this week. (If you missed that blog, at the bottom of the main blog page, click on “Older Posts.”)

Once your grateful attitude is firmly in place, then it’s easy to honor our God. After all, everything we have for which we should be grateful, He has given those things to us.

This Sunday, November 27 is the First Sunday in Advent. I plan to post my Advent devotions again this year. Why don’t you join me as we open a gift from God each day of Advent?

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