Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!
In just a few hours, my sweet hubby and I will travel to my sister’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving with her husband and their children and our parents. My children will be having the Thanksgiving meal with their dad’s family. We had our Thanksgiving meal together a couple of weeks ago. Because we gather with our families today, it is most appropriate to be thankful for our families.
I am thankful for my parents who always set the example of living a Christian life for my sister and me. My dad set the bar high when it came to work ethics and he instilled in us those same ethics. He also passed along his love of reading. My mom shared her domestic talents with my sister. Alas, none of those talents rubbed off on me! But I did get my dad’s business and organizational skills.
I am thankful for my sister, who I almost drove crazy when we were young. But she was patient with me when I was young and since we’ve become adults we are best friends. She has been there for me more times than I can count – praying, encouraging, loving on me. It is a honor to call her my sister, my friend.
My darling husband – Dave. How God has blessed me so with him. He is my rock. He always makes me feel special and – ahem, even though I need to lose a few pounds (well, make that a lot of pounds) he always makes me feel like I am beautiful. We are soul mates – we finish each other’s sentences and sometimes, we say the same thing at the same time. Truly, this was a match made in heaven and I am and will forever be grateful.
I have two of the greatest children and a wonderful grandson that ever graced the earth. (Just a little prejudiced) As teenagers, my children faced challenges that were challenging and difficult. Both of them learned from those challenges, moved forward and today, are successful in all their endeavors and well-loved by family and friends.
Today, wherever you are, and whoever you gather with – family and/or friends, my prayer for you is that you will be blessed and you will count your blessings.

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