Book Review: "Falls Like Lightning"

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Action.  Fire.  Planes.  Drama.  Fire. Smokejumpers.  Adventure.  Suspense. Murder. Fire. And a little romance thrown in for good measure. Oh yes, did I mention fire and firefighting? If this description of Falls Like Lightning, Shawn Grady’s latest book, doesn’t grab your interest, check your pulse! The third book by Grady is just as captivating, edge-of-your-seat drama as his first two: Through the Fire and Tomorrow We Die.

From the back cover:

“Smokejumper Silas Kent never expected to see pilot Elle Westmore again. In fact, reuniting makes him realize what a mistake he made all those years ago. But before he has a chance to try to make amends, he’s called to lead a new crew into battle against a massive fire in the Sierra Nevadas.

And then things go very wrong, very quickly.

A suspicious engine explosion forces the crew to parachute early while Elle barely survives a crash landing. Silas reaches the ground safely, but in the beginning a desperate race to reach the downed plane, he soon realizes he has more to fear than just a raging forest fire.”

Writers are “taught” to write about what they know. Shawn brings over a decade of experience as a firefighter and paramedic to his writing. That experience gives an authenticity to his writing, putting the reader right in the middle of the scenes. And speaking of scenes, the last one…well, I won’t give it away… but it’s the perfect ending!

Men will enjoy Shawn’s books because of the action and adventure and women will love them because of the romance. I highly recommend Falls Like Lightning!

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