Journalling for Change

I am participating in a year-long journalling program. I’ve journaled for years about any subject that comes to mind, so I considered not participating in the program. However, this is a directed program, i.e. there are assigned weekly topics. This week’s assignment is to write each day about how certain aspects of my life would look if they were exactly how I wanted them to be. Today’s topic is ‘physical self.’

Physical self: If I could change anything about my physical body – first I’d change my nose. I would like to have a slim, long nose as opposed to what I have now, which is very wide. I know that I can have surgery – but financially, that is out of the question.

Honesty dermands that I say I would love to have the “perfect” body. But who decides what is the perfect body? Or what is the perfect body for me? Or for you?

I am overweight. My husband is overweight. We are so good for each other in every area of life – except this one. Neither of us set a good example for the other one – in fact, we are bad influences for each other. All one of us has to say is “ice cream” and the other one is more than happy to go pick some up. Or I’ll mention a favorite restaurant and that becomes our dinner destination. (Or at least it used to before I started working part-time.) Somehow, somewhere, I need to obtain the discipline to “just say no” when Dave tempts me with all those foods I love to eat, or when I want to justify eating something I want that’s not good for me (read ice cream) and I tempt Dave to join me.

My weight is affecting my physical well-being. But even this does not motivate me to lose weight.

I am facilitating a study based on the New York Times best seller “Made to Crave.” The first section is devoted to helping the reader gain a “I want to” attitude. “I want to lose weight. I want to exercise.” I hope this section works for me. Because all I want to do right is eat a toasted bagel smothered with cream cheese!

4 thoughts on “Journalling for Change”

  1. Mrs. Donna Shelton and Mrs. Karren Henesse has joined ATL Fitness so along side me and Christi, you would have a great support group there. Think about it! Also, they have an awesome light aerobics/weights class on Wed., Fridays, and possible Mondays that you would probably enjoy. I love you and know you have it in you to "want to be healthy."

  2. Edwina, I know exactly what you mean about one not being good for the other in the food department. My husband and I went out to eat the other night and he ordered one of the mini-desserts. He kept wanting to share and I kept telling him not to tempt me. 🙂 It can be so easy to give in.

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