Showers of Your Soul

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” but when the showers are showers of your soul, and the dark clouds hold severe lightening and thunder, what do those bring?

The month of April has had a series of events that has caused my family and me to ride the roller coaster of emotions and feelings. I can’t, nor would I try, to speak for all of my family, but I do know that it has been a hard month for them. For me there have been times when I was numb, but in great pain; silent, but screaming on the inside; cold, but hot with rage; terrified beyond reason, but seeking peace and comfort. I half-jokingly told a dear friend yesterday that I can now quote all of the Bible verses dealing with fear.

Throughout all of this time, God never left me. He never turned his face away from me. There were lots of times when there was only the single “footprints in the sand” and I know those were the times He carried me.

I won’t share all of the events that have occured in my family this month. Some of you know those events, and even if you don’t, you’ve been kind enough to pray. Hopefully, my ramblings here today will inspire you to “pray without ceasing” for one another. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your prayers.

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