She Speaks 2011 Conference

To my readers:

I am excited to share with you an announcement regarding the She Speaks 2011 Conference. She Speaks is sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries. The conference will be July 22 – 24 in Concord, NC. The Conference has 3 tracks: Speakers, Writers and Women’s Leaders. There is a link on this blog to the She Speaks Conference Website and I encourage you to check it out and consider attending if any of these tracks interest you. Regardless of whether or not you attend, please add the conference and the attendees to your prayer list.

I was privileged to attend the She Speaks 2010 Conference and it was a life-changing experience for me. When I left the conference on Sunday, I was not the same person who had arrived there on Friday. The presence of the Lord and the anointing of the Holy Spirit permeated the hotel where the meeting was held and ministry went forth all day and all hours of the night. I learned so much from the classes I took and the keynote addresses, it took me weeks after returning to absorb it all.

Because of some major financial issues my husband and I have experienced in the past year, I will not be able to attend the 2011 conference unless I am awarded a scholarship. That is why I am writing this blog today – to ask you, my faithful readers, to pray, if it is God’s will, I would be awarded a scholarship for this year’s conference.

I believe with everything in me that God is calling me to speak to women at conferences, retreats, seminars and workshops. The speakers’ workshops offered this year are exactly what I feel I need to move forward in ministry.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, to post your comments and most especially, to pray.




4 thoughts on “She Speaks 2011 Conference”

  1. Hi Deborah,So glad you dropped by! Have you ever been to She Speaks? Thanks for the invite to drop by your blog – I'm on my way there now!Blessings,Edwina

  2. So nice to meet you Edwina, My name is Deborah and I am on a mission to meet as many Christian women with a heart for God that I can.I am droping by via She Speaks.Wishing you Blessing and luck and hoping God will provide us both with a way to attend this conference.I hope you will stop by and get to know me too! http://www.artnsoulbydeborah.comMany Blessings, Deborah

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