BOOK REVIEW: "Second Chance Courtship"

Obviously, from the name of this book, the main characters are going to have a second chance at love. In order to make this happen, forgiveness must be extended to each other for transgressions committed against each other years before the present day of the book. The main characters in this book, Kara and

Trey, are down-to-earth, real people that may remind you of yourself or someone you know. The small town of Canyon Springs, “where everybody knows your name” and your business, reminded me of the small town where I grew up.

The most important message of this book is God is a God of second chances. Third, fourth, tenth, fiftieth chance. No matter the transgression, He forgives and gives us another chance. Glynna Kaye, author of “Second Chance Courtship” has done a masterful job of weaving this message throughout the book without being “preachy.”

“Second Chance Courtship” is published by Steeple Hill Books, the inspirational line of Harlequin, and is being released today. I was fortunate enough to win a copy – had I not, this book would definitely be on my “to buy” list. I encourage you to buy a copy. You will thoroughly enjoy reading “Second Chance Courtship.

9 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: "Second Chance Courtship"”

  1. Audra & Janet,Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog! I appreciate it and I'm glad you stopped by!Myra, Thanks for stopping by!All – don't you just love Glynna's book? 🙂

  2. Late getting to the party but I couldn't miss the chance to brag on Glynna's Second Chance Courtship. Like Ruthy, I'm half-way though and loving it! Can't wait to see how Trey and Kara find their happily ever after. Love your fresh, cheery blog, Edwina. Janet

  3. Edwina, glad I found your blog. It's beautiful! And a wonderful review of Second Chance Courtship. It's next on my TBR pile and I'm so glad you find it small town delightful, just like Glynna's debut book, Dreaming of Home.Love the titles and Love The Books!I'll be back to read what other wonderful words of wisdom you have to share on this site!

  4. Glynna, It was my privilege to write the review and I hope it helps to sell more books!Cara Lynn, thanks for stopping by!Missy, I'm so glad you found my blog too and thanks for your sweet comments!Ruth – Your comments are always so much fun to read – always brings a smile to my face!Thanks to everyone for your comments!

  5. Edwina, I totally agree! I'm half-way through Second Chance Courtship and Glynna did such a seamless job with this book! I already love Kara and Trey (oh my stars, YUM FACTOR OFF THE CHARTS!)and Reyna and Jason's two little girls…Darling! And who wouldn't want to shop at Dixie's?My word veri is "cutisme"…If you use a long 'u', it sounds kind of stuck on myself, doesn't it??? ;)Where's the Grammar Queen when you need her?

  6. Edwina, I'm glad to find your blog! I love the colors.I have this book in my hot little hands but haven't started it yet. I'm sure it'll be wonderful just like Glynna's first book!!

  7. Thank you for such a glowing review, Edwina! As you know, this is my second published book EVER, following last year's award winning "Dreaming of Home"–also set in Canyon Springs. Book #3 "At Home in His Heart" debuts in August 2011, and I'm working on Book #4 at this very moment. I LOVE writing about Canyon Springs! And the best part of FINALLY being published is hearing such encouraging words from readers! THANK YOU!

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