Lessons 3, 4 & 5 from the First Week

Lesson 3: I can’t expect support from everyone. No one has a vested interest in this journey like I do. There will be people who will offer encouragement, which is great. But on days when no one cares, or even offers me tempting foods I know I shouldn’t eat, I still have to care.

Lesson 4: I can expect support from God, if I make this a matter of prayer and focus on Him.

Lesson 5: I received a FaceBook message about the earlier blog on Lessons 1 and 2. She had such great advice that I’m posting it here. “My suggestion on how to handle the stress would be to begin to pray in the spirit. The behavior of “stress eating” or “binge eating” as others might call it, is much like that of an addict. You run to what you find comfort in when things are/get to much to handle but as soon as you are done, you feel like crap (possible beating yourself up). If you and the Lord are working this out then press into him during those times of weakness. Call a friend to ask for prayer and if you are in a place where you can, go for a walk.”

Can’t add anything to that.

4 thoughts on “Lessons 3, 4 & 5 from the First Week”

  1. Cecille,Thank you for your encouragement! I do have a prayer partner who has been praying for my stress issues, and anything else I ask her to pray about. Blessings!

  2. All these lessons are things we need to be reminded of. I like the idea of having prayer. Have you considered finding an accoutability partner for your stress issues. Maybe even a prayer partner whom you trust to walk through with you?

  3. Edwina, I used to love to eat cheeseburgers and fries when I was down and out. At some point, I figured out those burgers and fries, though they tasted so good at the time, would make my blood sugar plummet and I would feel lousy the rest of the day. They still make me feel like that. Some how, I've started shifting my cravings. I can say no to cake and sweets easier than I used to, but I say yes to coffee more. I don't eat well rounded meals like I should. It's a frustrating cycle and I think it's awesome you are posting your progress here. I hope I can check back with you and continue to encourage you. You can do it!

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