Finally Finished – I Think!

I have finally finished unpacking the books and other items I bought or won at last week’s ACFW Conference. It took a while because I bought several books, several books were free and I bid on the My Book Therapy Ponderers Gift Basket at the Silent Auction. The Silent Acution is held each year at the conference to raise funds for the Scholarship Fund. The fund is used to send deserving writers to the Conference. The basket was filled with over $450.00 worth of items: two books written by Susan May Warren (one book is co-authored by Rachel Hauck) on how to write fiction, a small handmade tote bag with two coffee mugs – one being handmade; a stunning Martin Pen; two journals; a 2011 planner; all kinds of office supplies – cute note pads, paper clips, etc., “Double Take” by Janness Walker and a fun book for little boys titled “Little Big Chief and the Bear Hunt” by Delores Topliff.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but you can tell by the list the basket, which I also liked and fits in great with my basket collection, was packed.

I came home with a total of 16 books. 🙂 Now if I can just find the time to read them!!

In putting away all the books, I discovered that somehow I had ended up with two copies of a couple of books. Although I did not purchase this book at the ACFW Conference, it is an excellent devotion/Bible study for Christian Writers. This second edition book is “Write His Answer, A Bible Study for Christian Writers” by Marlene Bagnull.

I am giving away one copy, so please leave an answer and tell me why you need/want this book. The drawing will be held on Friday, October 1.

And finally, a few last pictures from the conference and trip home:

Singing in the choir – one of the highlights of the weekend!

Cuttin’ Up!
Stopped at the National Corvette Museum in on the way home.

One of the many Corvettes there

Extremely large Corvette sign – can be seen from the Interstate

11 thoughts on “Finally Finished – I Think!”

  1. Hi Debra,Glad you are already planning to attend Conference next year and saving your $$. It will be great to meet you! In the meantime, let me know what you write, are you published, all that good stuff. I'm always willing to review books and/or interview writers/authors.

  2. Hey Edwina! I went to conference last year. And it was AMAZING!!! It's an experience I'll treasure forever. So, I was sooo dissappointed when I couldn't go this year. I'm thrilled to know the 2011conference will still be within driving distance for me. I've already started saving!!!

  3. Hi Pepper,I haven't seen the pictures – I'll check those out now! And if you could email them to me – I would appreciate it!It was great to meet you as well!Blessings,Edwina

  4. so lovely to meet you in person, Edwina.Did you see the pics I posted on FB?You and Camy TangYou and Melanie???Let me know if you want me to send them to you.pepperbasham(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. Well that would certainly be cool, Edwina. But I don't blame you about the signed copies!! You should definitey keep those. I have a few books like that, they will never see the light of day for other people *wink*Yep, someday, I'm determined! It's just difficult being a student and trying to do something like that timewise and money wise : )Talk to you later,Hannah

  6. Hi Hannah!Thanks for stopping by and signing up to be a follower!We did have a great time at conference – really wish you could have been there. Eventually, you may see some of those 16 books on my blog as giveaways – but not the ones that are signed by the author. :)Blessings,Edwina

  7. Hi Edwina,Came over from Seekerville!Love the look of your blog : ) It's really welcoming…Looks like you had a fantastic time at conference!! Really, really jealous though: /Anyway, SIXTEEN book!?!?! I'm impressed and even more jealous! WOW! Great job : )I'm signing up to follow! See you around,Hannah

  8. Hi Debra and Sadie,You would have really enjoyed the conference, so start saving $$ now. Next year's conference is in St. Louis.Glad you stopped by my blog!Blessings to you both,Edwina

  9. being a relatively new ACFW member, and not a published author, i didn't even think about attending the conference. it wouldn't have been viable anyway, having a really sick kitty who requires constant vigilance.but i AM an aspiring writer and i would love to win the book!!!

  10. Hey Edwina! I wanted to go to the conference soooo bad this year, but unfortunately I just wasn't able to go. It looks like you had an AWESOME time! I would love to win a copy of, "Write His Answer, A Bible Study for Christians Writers" I love devotionals and bible studies, I have a shelve full of several different ones. I always have one tucked away in my purse (it's my travel companion) and I have one on my night stand beside my bible. Hopefully, I'll win this one and it'll be my travel companion, too. Thanks for the opportunity on a chance to win.Debracollins(at)tds(dot)net

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