When attending the She Speaks 2010 Conference a couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to receive an autographed copy of Marybeth Whalen’s debut fiction novel The Mailbox. Marybeth has served as the general editor of For the Write Reason and The Reason We Speak. In my opinion, The Mailbox is the first of many highly successful fiction books for Marybeth.

Here is part of the back cover summary:

“When Lindsey Adams first visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox at Sunset Beach, North Carolina, as a teenager, she has no idea that twenty years later she will still be visiting the mailbox—still pouring out her heart in letters that summarize the best and worst parts of life.”

Marybeth draws the reader into the book and the characters’ lives almost immediately. All women will be able to identify with Lindsey Adams, but especially those who have gone through a divorce. However, this is not a book that focuses solely on divorce. It is a book about second chances. About healing and redemption. About hope and love. It’s message will stay with the reader long after the book is closed. And it is a book that one will want to read over and over again.

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