Spiritual Aspects of She Speaks 2010 Conference

If you follow my blog, you will know my last posting was about the “technical,” if you will, aspects of the She Speaks 2010 Conference. “Technical” meaning the location, the workshops, keynote addresses, etc, all of which were of a superior, top-notch quality.

The spiritual aspects of this conference far exceeded the technical. There was so much prayer surrounding this conference, the attendees and the location that I believe it was impossible for any woman to leave the conference and not have received a touch from God.

On Friday night, we were told that as soon as each registration was received, the Proverbs 31 (P31) team began praying over that woman and continued to pray over her – by name – until the day of the conference. Considering I registered in April, this group of prayer warriors prayed over me every day for about three months.

The P31 team arrived at the hotel early in the week of the conference. One of the many, many things they did before the attendees arrived was to walk the entire hotel, praying over the sleeping rooms booked by the attendees, praying over each conference room and the ballroom, and they prayed over the hotel staff.

One of the conference rooms was set up as a Prayer Room. It was furnished with overstuffed, comfy chairs, pillows on the floor should anyone wish to kneel on the floor and two kneeling benches. It was open to all attendees to go in for prayer and quiet time any time she desired.

But there’s more. There were three or four tables set up at the head of the room and there were sheets of paper on each table. Each sheet had one of the names of God printed on it, with the meaning of the name and Scripture references about that name. Each attendee’s name – all 608 women, as well as guest speakers – had been printed on individual slips of paper. On Thursday, before the conference began on Friday, those slips of paper were divided among the P31 team. They took those names into the prayer room and prayed over each one until God said to them “Put their name by this name of mine.” That was so amazing to me – that these women – who don’t know me and may never know me loved me enough to pray that much for me. That is a beautiful picture of God’s love for me.

Every workshop opened and closed with prayer. Every evaluation session opened and closed with prayer. People were in the prayer room all hours of the day and night. I could not walk down the hall without seeing two or more gathered in His name, praying for one another.

Because I’ve been in church work in various capacities for most of my life, I’ve attended many Christian conferences and seminars over the years. I’ve even planned and coordinated a few conferences. All of these conferences were good, some even excellent. But the She Speaks 2010 Conference raised the bar of excellence in both the technical and spiritual aspects. It is my prayer that every woman who reads this blog will be able to attend She Speaks 2011!

If you’re interested in the ministry of Proverbs 31, here is the website address: 

My final blog about She Speaks will be published in a couple of days and will discuss the spiritual lessons God taught me at the conference. I hope that you will read it and pray that God will use it to speak to you as He did to me.


© 2010 Edwina E. Cowgill

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