Line Seven: We have not Loved Our Neighbors as Ourselves

“We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.”

Ouch. Did that one get you like it got me?

Who is our neighbor? Certainly those who live on either side of us and those in our neighborhood. But does that word ‘neighbor’ mean more? Is your neighbor the clerk you were rude to in the grocery store? Or the guy who cut you off in traffic? Everyone we meet, at least for that moment in time, are our neighbors.

In our selfishness and greed, or in our hurts, do we love ourselves more than our neighbor? Do we sacrifice anything to show our neighbors how much we love them? Do we show them the love of God?

2 thoughts on “Line Seven: We have not Loved Our Neighbors as Ourselves”

  1. Edwina: You give me a lot to think about. I used to say our entire end of town was one big neighborhood. Recently, a group of business owners in town purchased and erected decorative signs for each area of the city. Each sign identifies that part of town as a neighborhood.

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