Does It Get Any Crazier? and Other Stuff, Too!

I don’t know anyone who is not busy this summer! It seems there are no long, lazy days of summer anymore. Even when people vacation, they come back and tell me, “we went here, we did this, we saw that, etc.” Not that I’m criticizing…it’s on my mind because my life is about to get even busier.

Tomorrow is July 1st and I will begin a 29 day writing challenge (the challenge is actually for the 31 days of July, but I will be leaving town on the 30th). The challenge is for me to establish a word goal and write that many words for a book during those 29/31 days. My word goal is 30,000. Divide that by 29 days and I have to write about 1,035 words a day. Piece of cake, right? NOT. This is on top of working full time, taking care of home and hubby, preparing for the conference I’m attending the end of July (hence only 29 days to write) and on and on and on. Everyone who has signed up for this challenge is in the same boat. We are all busy – some are employed full time, some are stay-at-home moms, some have vacation scheduled in the middle of July. But we are going to do it because we are called to write. Which brings me to my next point…

My church sponsored a healing conference this past weekend that just knocked my socks off! Archbishop Chuck Jones spoke for a total of four sessions and at the end of the Saturday afternoon session, we celebrated the Eucharist and prayed for those who needed healing. One of the first things Archbishop Chuck said on Friday night was like water to a dying, thirsty person. He said, “The story of what Jesus has done in your life is the most powerful story you can tell. We are called to tell our story.” WOW! That truth is probably obvious to everyone but oblivious me! Over the last couple of years, I’ve asked God time and again – “Are You sure I’m supposed to write? Whatever made You think I can write? I think when You were handing out the creative writing genes (or any creative genes) You forgot me. I can’t do this…I don’t know how!” I can see in my mind’s eye, God sitting on His throne as I’m lamenting and wailing and gnashing my teeth. Once I’ve wound down, He very quietly and gently reminds me that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” So in this new work, and every other story I write from now on, there will be a part of my story included. It may be so obscure that it will never be noticed. Or it may shout from the first page to the last. All I know is I am called to tell my story and it is the most powerful story I can tell.

So, blog postings may be few and far between during July – but I will be thinking of you all! I hope to write blogs on some of the “zingers” Archbishop Chuck hit us with and I’ve had another topic on my mind for several weeks.

I do hope to be back with you soon, and in the mean time, I would greatly appreciate your prayers!

Blessings to each and every one – and have a safe, Happy July 4th!!

© Edwina Cowgill 2010

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