"God Said Not Yet"

“God Said Not Yet”
One Man’s Experience With “Terminal” Cancer
Daniel Edward Neff

God has a wonderful way of bringing friends and acquaintances back into our lives. I remember Dan, as we called him, from the time we both attended the same church. We were never close friends, but attended some of the same singles events as we were both single during that time. When I left that church, I lost touch with Dan but heard several years later through a mutual friend that Dan was fighting the battle of his life—he had the “C” word—“the most feared word in the English language,” as he describes it in his book. Now, nine years later, Dan contacted me to read and review his book and I jumped at the chance!

Here is the back cover synopsis:
“When I placed my faith in God many years earlier, He promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I would find out if that promise was true. From the initial diagnosis, to the time I died on the operating room table, to being faced with a (literally) life-or-death decision regarding the bone marrow transplant procedure, to the alternative treatment that He led me to, God never abandoned me. The doctors said my life was over, but God said, “Not Yet!”
This book is his journey through the time of his cancer. But it is so much more than that. The theme of the book is about his hope and trust in the living God who breathed life into Daniel at the moment of his conception and who breathed healing into Daniel when he needed it most. It is about the path he took to find God, the love story of finding his beautiful wife, Linda, and hearing and submitting to God’s calling on his life. Scriptures abound in Daniel’s story that encouraged him and Linda throughout the two-year period of Daniel’s cancer and treatments. It is a book that is an absolute praise report to God! Dan clearly gives all honor and glory to God for his healing. Finally, there are several books and websites recommended for reading and gaining knowledge on some of the treatments that Daniel experienced.
All of us are or have been affected by cancer. We either have a friend, a relative or perhaps even we’ve experienced cancer personally. This is a book that you will want to read and or share. You can order the book through www.Amazon.com or for bulk orders contact neffmoorebooks@yahoo.com.

1 thought on “"God Said Not Yet"”

  1. Edwina: Thank you for sharing this information. You are right, we all have been touched by this dread disease. One section of my prayer list is devoted to those with Cancer.

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