Awesome Book Launch and Concert

On Saturday night, I attended the book launch of Desperate Hope: When Faith in God Overcame My Despair. The book was written by Candi Pearson-Shelton. In a few weeks, I plan to write a review of the book and post it here on my blog. I have an extra copy that I will be giving away through that post. But for now, let me share about the evening and the purpose of the book and special book launch.
The weather had been iffy on Saturday and I wavered all day long as to whether or not we should attempt to drive to Cumming, at least 60 miles north of where I live. Cumming was right on the line of where the rain turned into ice, sleet and snow that day. In the end, my friend and I decided to go and I am so glad we did.
The anointing of the Holy Spirit was evident throughout the evening, even during the reception and art show. Candi, and her husband, Jonathan Shelton, are musicians, singers and songwriters. Their music has the hand of God on every note and every word. They opened the concert with a moving song Candi wrote as an accompaniment to the book: “One Breath, Then Another.” Jonathan and Candi led us into the presence of Holy God and Aaron Schust continued the worship service. The ministry of the Holy Spirit through the music was evident throughout the room as people worshipped, cried, prayed and praised.
This event—the book and book launch, the art show and concert—was to honor the life and legacy of Rick Pearson, Candi’s brother. Rick died several years ago and his family wanted to honor him and his legacy, but most of all through their pain, grief and recovery, they wanted to bring honor and glory to God. To this end, they have established Legacy: The Rick Pearson Memorial Fund. “This fund is a nonprofit organization that exists to extend the hope of Christ by championing the interests and organizations that Rick passionately supported. Donations to the Rick Pearson Memorial Fund are used to help support organizations like Compassion International, Bigstuf Camps, The 410 Bridge, Passion Conferences, and most recently a scholarship fund for students who want to pursue a ministry of music with an emphasis on missions.”
All of the profits from the sale of the book will go to Legacy. Candi will not receive one penny. All of the profits from the book launch and concert will go to Legacy. Jonathan and Candi will not receive a cent.
To learn more about Legacy: The Rick Pearson Memorial Fund, and to know how you can get involved, visit http://www.rickpearson.org/.
There are many, many worthwhile organizations that we can contribute to today. Here is one that I ask you prayerfully consider donating your time, your talent and yes, your money, to it. You will be blessed beyond measure.

© Edwina Cowgill January 2010

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