Unusual Places to Pray

After a number of weeks of stress-filled days and worried, sleepless nights, I had a marvelous treat today. My two children gave me a gift card last Mother’s Day for a full-body massage at Plumyumi Day Spa. Why I waited so long to use the gift card is beyond me. Had I used it earlier, I might have saved myself from a few stress-filled days.

From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, I was treated with luxurious pampering. I was first escorted into a room with overstuffed chairs, deep-cushioned sofas and chaise lounges that tempted me to stretch out with my blankie. If only I had brought it! I was offered water, hot tea and chocolate chip cookies.

After only a few minutes wait, Stephanie, the massage therapist, came and escorted me to room I had been assigned. Talk about ambience! Dim lights, soft music, divine smelling incense…heavenly!

Once I was ready, Stephanie returned and using Sandalwood Essential Oil (I think that was the fragrance) gave me a superb massage. I could literally feel the knots in my shoulders and neck loosen.

As soon as Stephanie started, I told myself to relax and to empty my mind of all worries, all thoughts. My very next thought was…okay, so what are you going to think about? What are you going to plan/do? No wonder I never relax – my mind never shuts up! It was at that point that I realized it was a perfect time to enter into worship and prayer. What better time? No one was talking, my phone was not ringing, no one needed me. Silently, I begin to praise God and to thank Him. It was a wonderful time of quiet communion and it made me realize just how much I need those times with Him.

I don’t have to go to Plumyumi to have times of fellowship and communion with God, although it was wonderful (that’s a hint, kids! 🙂 ) I just need to find a quiet place. With my schedule, I sometimes think that a quiet place and 30 minutes or more to spend with God is impossible to find. But that is not true. Here are just a few suggestions of places for a “mini” retreat:
· Local library
· Parks (during warmer weather)
· Unused room in church
· Locked car
· Bathroom at home – door locked!

I am sure there are many more appropriate locations, these are just a few that come to mind.
What about you? Where do you have your “mini” prayer retreats?

One more thing…by the time Stephanie had finished my massage, I was so relaxed, instead of walking out, I slithered out of the spa!

2 thoughts on “Unusual Places to Pray”

  1. Edwina: Back when gasoline wasn't so expensive, I'd get in the car and just drive. I'd go out in the country and look at the sky and the clouds. I'd look at the old farm houses and pray for the residents. Now, I just pray where I am. Our church has a shelter house on its property. When the weather breaks, I am going over there with my alpha smart and pray and then write.

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