Jack Daniel’s Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook
Co-authored by
Lynne Tolley and Pat Mitchamore

I love cookbooks and I collect them. There are at least 50 cookbooks in my collection, probably more. So I was thrilled when I saw Jack Daniel’s Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook on the list of Thomas Nelson Books to Review.

If you’re a Jack Daniels’ fan, this cookbook is for you. With over 800 recipes, 200+ (give or take a few) lists Jack Daniel’s as one of the ingredients. From the back cover: “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey isn’t just a perfect partner for Coca-Cola. Roast pork, sweet potatoes, and wild mushrooms make pretty good companions, too. This collection merges the trademark flavor of Jack Daniel’s with a spread of Southern culinary delights. You’ll discover the secret to perfect pit barbecue, and that adding a splash of whiskey to your French toast is a surefire way to get the morning started right.”
Woven throughout the cookbook are short articles on Lynchburg, Tennessee, the birthplace of Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Articles in the cookbook such as “Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House” and “Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Comet Band” will give the reader a glimpse into the lives of some of the Lynchburg citizens. “Moore County: Yesterday and Today” and “The Tennessee Hills” describes the region in vivid detail. There are fascinating pictures placed throughout the book dating as far back as 1892 to the current day that will make this cookbook a collector’s item in the future.
Because I don’t drink whiskey or cook with it, I would not have purchased this book, given the opportunity. However, I would have been missing out. There are hundreds of recipes that don’t call for Jack Daniel’s and I will be cooking those dishes in the near future!
(c) December 2009

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