Bits and Pieces, Odds and Ends

Did that title reel you right in or what? I have all kinds of things scrambling around in my mind so today’s blog is a conglomeration of all of those things. Now before you say, “Oh brother…” and hop on over to another site, hang with me. Your name just might be mentioned here!

First, I had an awesome day this past Saturday. I was invited by Mae Nunn, author  extraordinaire of 7 fantastic books, (you can pay me later, Mae J) to be her guest at the Georgia Chapter of the Romance Writers of America meeting. What a great group of people! Some published and some not, each one with their own personal dreams and goals, they were more supportive and closer as friends than most families I know. The chapter’s annual conference, Moonlight and Magnolias, is next weekend and another “online friend,” Belinda Peterson, is a finalist for the Maggie award. Good luck, Lindy! Now if the name “Moonlight and Magnolias” doesn’t conjure up pictures of Rhett and Scarlett and makes you long for a tall, cool mint julep, I don’t know what will!

Dianna Monk Kelly rode with Mae and me to the meeting. For those of you who are from this area, I’m sure you have already surmised that she is the “Kelly” in the “Monk and Kelly Morning Show” of the local Christian radio station. You have not heard this husband and wife team on the air recently because the station had to let them go. Not because of poor ratings – this couple rocks on air! Their chemistry is far better than any other couple I’ve heard on the radio. No, they were released due to the unfortunate necessity of cutbacks in staff. Jonathan and Dianna are using this situation to step out in faith and start a new career, trusting God to lead them and provide for them. Her quiet witness and faith left an impression on me that will not be forgotten.

Saturday evening my sweet hubby took me out to dinner for our anniversary. Afterwards, we went to Michael’s, a craft store. I purchased three framed “sayings” that now hang on the wall in front of my desk. One of the pictures is the letter ‘C’ carved from wood and surrounded by a beautiful antique gold and cream colored mat and an antique burnished gold frame. I love this picture because it symbolizes my husband and his family, of which I’m now a part. The second framed saying has a shadow box with a small elegant cross in the box and the words “Life is precious, handle it with prayer” beside the box. Everything I do, think, say and write must be “handled” with prayer. The final picture is almost eye level when I’m sitting at my desk and says “You never stand taller than when you are on your knees.” I read this at least a dozen times when I’m at my desk. It reminds me to humble myself and pray “without ceasing.” It reminds me that I can do nothing – not even write – under my own power, but “with God, all things are possible.”

My mom’s birthday was Tuesday. She turned 81. Her health has not been the greatest in the last few years but yesterday she seemed to feel good and enjoyed her day. I am grateful for that.

These are my bits and pieces, my odds and ends for today.

Love you all!

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