Broken Beads on My Moccasins

Karin Lee Mesanko has written a devotional best seller! “Broken Beads on My Moccasins” is designed to be a daily devotional book. There are approximately 60 devotions included in the book; each devotion begins with a short scripture verse and ends with a short prayer. The problem with this daily devotional book is the devotions are so good that a person cannot wait until the next day to read the next devotion! At least, I couldn’t. Ms. Mesanko used many of her own personal life experiences as illustrations. She has shared from her heart so that the healing God performed in her life may be demonstrated to you through her writing. In basing the devotions on her experiences, the writing comes alive to us because all of us have been wounded at one time or another.

A delightful feature of the book are the hand-drawn illustrations by Ms.Mesanko that accompany some of the devotions. Her sense of humor is revealed in some of the tag lines of the drawings.

I highly recommend this book to everyone looking for a new devotional book, but especially wounded women seeking their healing. This book will help you start on the road to healing.

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