Imagine that you are sitting in the waiting room of your OB/GYN doctor’s office. A young woman comes in, sits down beside you and a conversation ensues. She reveals that she is there to schedule an abortion. What irony! You and your husband have tried for years to get pregnant with no success. Today you have come to the doctor’s office to inform him of your decision to stop all infertility treatments.

This is the opening scene of Rain Dance and the beginning of an unlikely friendship between the two main characters, Jonica and Stacie. One is a Christian, one is not. One desperately wants a baby and can’t have one. One has a baby, but doesn’t want it.

Author Joy DeKok masterfully weaves Jonica’s and Stacie’s stories together as she takes you through this time in their lives—two women who have absolutely nothing in common. The chapters alternate between Jonica and Stacie, giving their perspective on the situations they face. A friendship will be forged between you and these two women. Joy has developed these characters so beautifully that you will remember them long after you have finished reading Rain Dance.

The message of God’s love and redemption, His forgiveness, grace and mercy is threaded throughout the book. For those women who have experienced Him and know Him, this message is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for you. And for those who do not know Him, this book is an invitation to meet God and become intimately acquainted with Him. No matter which group of women you are in, when you finish reading the last page and close the book, you will be a changed woman.

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