burden, let go, live free

Let Go
live free of the burdens all women know

Sheila Walsh

In my circle of family, friends and acquaintances, I do not know of any woman who is not
• Overworked
• Overtired
• Overcommitted
• Overburdened
• Underappreciated

Do you long for a time – a day, even an hour – when you are free from the burdens that currently weigh you down? Have you ever felt as if your life doesn’t matter much? Do you tend to judge your worth by your circumstances?

Shelia Walsh answers these and more questions in her latest book Let Go: live free of the burdens all women know. With chapter titles such as “This Dead Religion is Past its Sell-by Date,” “You are You for a Reason,” “I Was Made for This,” and many more, she has focused on what I believe every Christian woman experiences at some point in her life: feeling invisible, unloved and unworthy. Sheila uses scriptures and her own personal experiences to prove to us that we are unconditionally loved by God. He has put each of us on this earth and given us a purpose and calling that is unique to us.

From the moment I read the title until the final word on the last page, I was hooked. Sheila wrote with clarity and her words came from her heart. Every chapter taught me a lesson and every page included what I call “gold nuggets” of wisdom and insight. Her writing style made it easy to comprehend her message. An additional help for me was the thought-provoking, soul-searching questions listed at the end of each chapter designed to help the reader continue searching out God’s truth about who she is in Christ. This book would be an excellent choice for women’s Bible study groups.

Of course, you can always go through this book on your own. After you’ve purchased your copy, find a quiet place to read. Bring your cup of tea and have your highlighter ready to mark those gold nuggets that speak to you. I have no hesitation in saying that this book will change your life as you learn to “let go” and “live free.”

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