The Blue Enchantress

Tonight I returned home after a long voyage. I sailed throughout the Caribbean, lived through a hurricane, was shipwrecked and landed on a deserted island that was later invaded by pirates. All of this after being sold to the highest bidder. I can truly say that life is never boring when you are Hope Westcott!

This is how I felt after I finished reading The Blue Enchantress. As the reader, I had been removed from my everyday ho-hum life and transplanted into a life of adventure upon the high seas. This transplantation is due to the masterful writing skills of M. L. Tyndall, author of The Blue Enchantress. Ms. Tyndall has written a three-book series, Charles Towne Belles, based on three sisters: Faith, Hope and Grace. The Red Siren centers on Faith and is Book One. The Blue Enchantress is Book Two. Coming in Spring, 2010, is Grace’s story, The Raven Saint.

As impressed as I was by Ms. Tyndall’s ability to draw her readers into the action, I was moved even more by the message of the book. Never preachy, but woven throughout the book, is the message of the Gospel. The love of God for us mere mortals was beautifully expressed time and again. Ms. Tyndall’s heart for the unloved and unlovely was evident as her Christian characters ministered God’s love to Hope. The dedication of her book says it all: “To anyone who has ever felt worthless and unloved and who has sought to obtain value through the lies of the world.” Ms. Tyndall answers this dedication by writing her novel around the theme of God’s mercy, grace and redeeming love.

If you are looking for a book that will “take you away,” this is it. If, however, you are looking for a book that will validate who you are in Christ and will remind you how much God loves you, The Blue Enchantress is a must read.

Oh, yes. The highest bidder? Turned out to be the love of my life.
Signed, Hope Westcott

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