Maggie Rose
By Sharlene MacLaren

In a blog/book giveaway that I wrote earlier this year, I stated that historical romance is not my most favorite category. Thanks to acclaimed Christian Fiction author, Sharlene MacLaren, I have been won over. Big time.

Sharlene has written two out of a three book series titled The Daughters of Jacob Kane. I was fortunate to win a copy of Book One Hannah Grace. This book was so enjoyable that when Sharlene requested volunteers to review Book Two, Maggie Rose, I was typing a response as fast as my little fingers would go!

Here’s a brief synopsis:
In 1904, Maggie Rose, the middle daughter of Jacob Kane, feels called by God to leave her beloved hometown of Sandy Shores, to work at Sheltering Arms Refuge in New York City. This orphanage also transports homeless children to towns across America to match them with comparable families. Most of these children have such painful pasts that Maggie can hardly bear it, but she marvels at their resiliency. As she gets to know each child better, she finds her heart full of love and compassion.

When a newspaper reporter arrives to stay at the orphanage to gather research for an article, Maggie is struck by his handsome face and very concerned over his lack of faith. Still, she cannot deny their mutual affections. Will she win the struggle to maintain her focus on God and remain attuned to His guidance?

I had as much trouble putting Maggie Rose down as I did Hannah Grace. Sharlene has a wonderful gift of bringing the reader into the story. I was captivated from page one as I joined Maggie on her train ride to New York City. The orphans’ history was so compelling that I wanted to run to the nearest adoption agency and adopt every child there. Fortunately, my husband is much wiser than I am and in this case, his wisdom prevailed.

As every excellent romance novel should be designed to do, I fell in love with the newspaper reporter hero, Luke. Here is a man who has walked through the “valley of the shadow of death.” Anger and bitterness rule his heart; slowly but surely, his heart is softened by the love of God shown through Maggie and the orphaned children.

A heart-warming story, this book is one that you will want to read and keep in your library to read again in years to come.

Post your comments here and leave your email address to be added to the drawing for a free copy of Maggie Rose. Drawing will be held Monday, August 17!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads my blogs and leaves comments. I am most appreciative!!

6 thoughts on “MAGGIE ROSE”

  1. Hi Carman,You are right – the winner was to be announced on yesterday's post! I'm so sorry – I announced the winner on my Facebook page – but forgot to announce the winner on this post! The winner was "Stitched with Grace." I do apologize and hope you will read today's post where I review "The Blue Enchantress" – another excellent book. Leave your comment because I will be giving away a free copy of this book! And I'll try my best to remember to announce that winner on the post!Thanks so much for calling this to my attention!!Blessings,Edwina

  2. comments: Anonymous said… Hi! I thought the winner of Maggie Rose was supposed to be announced on today's post. If not, did I miss it?Thanks,~Carmanbooklovercb[at]yahoo[dot]comAugust 18, 2009 11:52 AM

  3. Hi! I'm new to your blog, but heard of it on another author's website. I would love to be entered for this contest! I've read all of her books except one (and this one) and think all of them are amazing!~Carmanbooklovercb at yahoo dot com

  4. Edwina,I know what you mean about wanting to adopt every child you read about- there are so many waiting for families. That's the biggest reason I'm so disappointed about the state taking so long to match us. I know there are children out there waiting, and when you are wanting teenagers there is even less time to waste. I have to trust God is in control and we will be matched in His time.

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