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I have reviewed so many books recently and posted blogs for drawings to give away the book, that it seems like it’s been months since I’ve written a blog. So today, I just want to write about all kinds of things.

This weekend has been so enjoyable. Most Fridays, I go grocery shopping for my parents. Because they are on a limited income, I shop for them at Wal-Mart. Believe me, that is the only reason I shop at Wal-Mart. But, that’s a blog for another day! This past Friday, the weather was really obnoxious and I was not feeling my best , so I stayed in all day long. And I wrote, or did writing-related activities all day long. I really needed that kind of day to get myself “back on track,” at least somewhat, with my writing.

Saturday, the weather was much more cooperative and I was feeling good. I left my house around 9AM, bought the parents’ groceries and delivered them and was back home by 10:30. The rest of the day was spent with my sweet husband. We ran some errands, spent some time at home and then he took me out for a wonderful dinner. We really needed that kind of day together and we both enjoyed it.
Today, I went to the early service at my church. The worship service was awesome. My priest gave an excellent sermon on “The Things that Derail Us from Living a Successful Spiritual Life.” His messages can be heard on

http://www.midsouthmedia.org/. (You can pay me later, Bp. David! Just kidding, folks!)

About 3PM this afternoon, my darling hubby left for the airport. We have been so blessed that he has had engagements that allowed him to work from home for the last 3-4 months. But, we knew that would come to an end at some point, and today’s that point. He is on his way to D.C. for a two week assignment, although he will come home on the weekend. Then, if all goes as planned, he will be on an assignment in San Francisco for 6 weeks. He probably won’t be coming home every weekend while he’s there because it’s such a long flight and it basically takes a day to travel. I will be going out to spend a few days with him. I’ll go just before a weekend and we will do the “tourist” thing over the weekend. Then I will stay a few more days and I will write during the day while he is at work. Sounds great to me!

Now, that I’ve thoroughly bored you with my weekend tale of adventure, I will remind you that I do have a drawing currently going on to give away Joy DeKok’s Rain Dance. Leave a comment under that blog and your email address for a chance to win an autographed copy. Drawing will be on Friday, September 4. Good Luck!



Imagine that you are sitting in the waiting room of your OB/GYN doctor’s office. A young woman comes in, sits down beside you and a conversation ensues. She reveals that she is there to schedule an abortion. What irony! You and your husband have tried for years to get pregnant with no success. Today you have come to the doctor’s office to inform him of your decision to stop all infertility treatments.

This is the opening scene of Rain Dance and the beginning of an unlikely friendship between the two main characters, Jonica and Stacie. One is a Christian, one is not. One desperately wants a baby and can’t have one. One has a baby, but doesn’t want it.

Author Joy DeKok masterfully weaves Jonica’s and Stacie’s stories together as she takes you through this time in their lives—two women who have absolutely nothing in common. The chapters alternate between Jonica and Stacie, giving their perspective on the situations they face. A friendship will be forged between you and these two women. Joy has developed these characters so beautifully that you will remember them long after you have finished reading Rain Dance.

The message of God’s love and redemption, His forgiveness, grace and mercy is threaded throughout the book. For those women who have experienced Him and know Him, this message is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for you. And for those who do not know Him, this book is an invitation to meet God and become intimately acquainted with Him. No matter which group of women you are in, when you finish reading the last page and close the book, you will be a changed woman.

Leave your comment and email address for a chance to win an autographed copy of Rain Dance. Drawing will be Friday, Septembeer 4!

burden, let go, live free

Let Go
live free of the burdens all women know

Sheila Walsh

In my circle of family, friends and acquaintances, I do not know of any woman who is not
• Overworked
• Overtired
• Overcommitted
• Overburdened
• Underappreciated

Do you long for a time – a day, even an hour – when you are free from the burdens that currently weigh you down? Have you ever felt as if your life doesn’t matter much? Do you tend to judge your worth by your circumstances?

Shelia Walsh answers these and more questions in her latest book Let Go: live free of the burdens all women know. With chapter titles such as “This Dead Religion is Past its Sell-by Date,” “You are You for a Reason,” “I Was Made for This,” and many more, she has focused on what I believe every Christian woman experiences at some point in her life: feeling invisible, unloved and unworthy. Sheila uses scriptures and her own personal experiences to prove to us that we are unconditionally loved by God. He has put each of us on this earth and given us a purpose and calling that is unique to us.

From the moment I read the title until the final word on the last page, I was hooked. Sheila wrote with clarity and her words came from her heart. Every chapter taught me a lesson and every page included what I call “gold nuggets” of wisdom and insight. Her writing style made it easy to comprehend her message. An additional help for me was the thought-provoking, soul-searching questions listed at the end of each chapter designed to help the reader continue searching out God’s truth about who she is in Christ. This book would be an excellent choice for women’s Bible study groups.

Of course, you can always go through this book on your own. After you’ve purchased your copy, find a quiet place to read. Bring your cup of tea and have your highlighter ready to mark those gold nuggets that speak to you. I have no hesitation in saying that this book will change your life as you learn to “let go” and “live free.”

The Blue Enchantress

Tonight I returned home after a long voyage. I sailed throughout the Caribbean, lived through a hurricane, was shipwrecked and landed on a deserted island that was later invaded by pirates. All of this after being sold to the highest bidder. I can truly say that life is never boring when you are Hope Westcott!

This is how I felt after I finished reading The Blue Enchantress. As the reader, I had been removed from my everyday ho-hum life and transplanted into a life of adventure upon the high seas. This transplantation is due to the masterful writing skills of M. L. Tyndall, author of The Blue Enchantress. Ms. Tyndall has written a three-book series, Charles Towne Belles, based on three sisters: Faith, Hope and Grace. The Red Siren centers on Faith and is Book One. The Blue Enchantress is Book Two. Coming in Spring, 2010, is Grace’s story, The Raven Saint.

As impressed as I was by Ms. Tyndall’s ability to draw her readers into the action, I was moved even more by the message of the book. Never preachy, but woven throughout the book, is the message of the Gospel. The love of God for us mere mortals was beautifully expressed time and again. Ms. Tyndall’s heart for the unloved and unlovely was evident as her Christian characters ministered God’s love to Hope. The dedication of her book says it all: “To anyone who has ever felt worthless and unloved and who has sought to obtain value through the lies of the world.” Ms. Tyndall answers this dedication by writing her novel around the theme of God’s mercy, grace and redeeming love.

If you are looking for a book that will “take you away,” this is it. If, however, you are looking for a book that will validate who you are in Christ and will remind you how much God loves you, The Blue Enchantress is a must read.

Oh, yes. The highest bidder? Turned out to be the love of my life.
Signed, Hope Westcott

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Update on Welcome Home

If you didn’t have a chance to read my review a few weeks ago on Welcome Home One Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy look it up on the list of blogs and read it. Then go to Kimberley’s website:
www.kimberleywoodhouse.com and pre-order your book. This life-changing book is already going into its second printing and the official release of the book is not until October! Go NOW and pre-order before CBD runs out a second time! HURRY!!



Maggie Rose
By Sharlene MacLaren

In a blog/book giveaway that I wrote earlier this year, I stated that historical romance is not my most favorite category. Thanks to acclaimed Christian Fiction author, Sharlene MacLaren, I have been won over. Big time.

Sharlene has written two out of a three book series titled The Daughters of Jacob Kane. I was fortunate to win a copy of Book One Hannah Grace. This book was so enjoyable that when Sharlene requested volunteers to review Book Two, Maggie Rose, I was typing a response as fast as my little fingers would go!

Here’s a brief synopsis:
In 1904, Maggie Rose, the middle daughter of Jacob Kane, feels called by God to leave her beloved hometown of Sandy Shores, to work at Sheltering Arms Refuge in New York City. This orphanage also transports homeless children to towns across America to match them with comparable families. Most of these children have such painful pasts that Maggie can hardly bear it, but she marvels at their resiliency. As she gets to know each child better, she finds her heart full of love and compassion.

When a newspaper reporter arrives to stay at the orphanage to gather research for an article, Maggie is struck by his handsome face and very concerned over his lack of faith. Still, she cannot deny their mutual affections. Will she win the struggle to maintain her focus on God and remain attuned to His guidance?

I had as much trouble putting Maggie Rose down as I did Hannah Grace. Sharlene has a wonderful gift of bringing the reader into the story. I was captivated from page one as I joined Maggie on her train ride to New York City. The orphans’ history was so compelling that I wanted to run to the nearest adoption agency and adopt every child there. Fortunately, my husband is much wiser than I am and in this case, his wisdom prevailed.

As every excellent romance novel should be designed to do, I fell in love with the newspaper reporter hero, Luke. Here is a man who has walked through the “valley of the shadow of death.” Anger and bitterness rule his heart; slowly but surely, his heart is softened by the love of God shown through Maggie and the orphaned children.

A heart-warming story, this book is one that you will want to read and keep in your library to read again in years to come.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads my blogs and leaves comments. I am most appreciative!!