No Excuse

I have no excuse. Sure, things have happened in my life and in the life of my family over the last 19 months that have not been what we wanted or asked for. But that is just life. None of us can prevent life from happening. Sometimes, it is about the choices we make and sometimes, it’s not – life just happens. But that is not an excuse. Really, on those rare occasions when I get in-my-face honest with myself, I admit there is no excuse to go on eating, binging (fill in the blank with your vice). Zip. Zilch. Nada. No excuse. Just because life kicks us in the rear doesn’t mean we can run to the fridge. There is nothing in the fridge or pantry that will tell us what to do about the situation we find ourselves facing. There is nothing in the fridge or pantry that will bring us comfort. What we find in the fridge or pantry will only add to the stress or unhappiness or our problems we are already experiencing.

So why is running to the fridge the first thing I do? It’s called a pity party. “Oh, woe is me. Look at my life. Look at what I’m facing.”

“Well, wake up girlfriend, because there are hundreds, millions who are facing a lot worse things than I am,” I say, glaring in the mirror. “Quit the pity party. Ain’t nobody coming to join you.’

Stressed? No excuse.

Tired? No excuse.

Worried? No excuse.

Besides, every time I turn to food for comfort, I’m leaving God out of the picture. And that is my biggest mistake.

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