A Cacophony of Sound

I am sitting on my back porch in my favorite rocker with my first cup of java of the morning. The sun is just beginning to rise over the Eastern horizon, but all of the birds have already awakened. Such a cacophony of sound! Each twitter, each chirp, each song making up a symphony of sound all at the same time. Although I can’t associate the individual sounds with the bird making the sound, I can hear all of the birds twittering, chirping and singing.

I wonder if this is how we sound to God. Some voices singing, some praying, some mournful, even crying. Some laughing, some yelling. All of us at one time. The difference is that God recognizes each voice. He hears the praise and adoration as one woman cleans her home. He hears the pleas of a man who desperately needs a job so that he can support his family. He hears the moans of a woman as she labors to bring new life into this world. He hears the cries of a family whose elderly saint of a mother has just left them to be with Him. He hears the prayers of a 5 year old and the prayers of a 95 year old. If you whisper, if you yell, He hears you. He hears you when you pray. Even when you simply speak His name, Jesus, Abba Father. He is enraptured at the sound of your voice. So talk with Him. Pray to Him. Sing to Him. He will hear your voice. And not only that, He will be enraptured at the sound of your voice. (Song of Solomon 2:14b)

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